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Benji & Hibbz are a hip-hop/soul act based in Bath, drawing influence from vintage funk to modern R&B. They’re on a mission to make modern music groove again!

They began their journey in 2011, rocking up to open mic nights around Bath, Bristol, and The Southwest as a duo with only an acoustic guitar to back themselves. Since then, they’ve gone on to build an energetic 6 piece band, toured the UK and Northern Europe, and been booked for some of the biggest festivals in the UK, including Glastonbury and BoomTown.

Hibbz uses all his laid-back charisma to rap about anything important to him, sharing stories with the audience about his life, his family, social inequality and chasing dreams. Benji provides soulful vocals, and can also be heard on numerous Drum and Bass collaborations, with producers such as Hugh Hardie, Cyantific, and Decimal Bass (Annix). The band blends the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley to back them, and it’s a beautiful thing.


Benji & Hibbz have recorded 3 EPs to date, and now have their debut album in the making.

BAND members

Harry Sayers - Bass & Vocals


    "Off-stage, Harry is a cool clinician; structuring, defining and engineering the chord progressions and key changes as if they come to him through Divine intervention but, when he takes to the stage and starts pounding his instrument, you can either shelter your womenfolk, or lose their hearts to him wholesale. When he starts slapping bass (with a silent b), your jiggly bits are gonna resonate. Turn it up, Harry…I’ll take my trousers off!"

           - Ant

Ant Walsh - Saxophone


       "Ant; The Minister of Filth.

Ant takes pride in being able to coax out of his saxophone some of the most unholy noises you’ll ever hear, which is all the more ironic given his status as an ordained reverend!

At shows you’ll often find Ant where he shouldn’t be, swaggering out into audiences, blowing his brassy horn in people’s general vicinity, whether they asked for it or not. 

Ant describes his playing as “getting away with being a professional filth-bag”, and I’d back him fully to the hilt on that point!"

       - Harry

Adam Frost - Guitar & Vocals


        "Adam can often be spotted in a unique outfit; a leather jacket and baggy joggers. He sports it when exploring city centres on tour, going out for meals with the band, and we're pretty sure we’ve even seen him wearing it at a wedding! But when he starts playing guitar Adam is one funky motherfunker, tearing it up like Nile Rodgers on crack. He jumps about, power-slides, plays guitar with his teeth, and that’s just during sound check! Adam steals the show wherever he goes; on-stage, as well as off-stage, as well as back-stage."

           - Stew & Harry

Stew Murphy - Drums


      "By far the best-dressed member of the group, Stew seems to possess a shirt and bow tie for every day of the week. You'd be hard-pressed to try and catch him wearing anything even the slightest bit casual, as this is a man who arrives at a gig in a shirt and trousers combo, and then plays said gig in a different shirt and trousers combo. When he's not onstage being the soulful beating heart of Benji & Hibbz, Stew likes to drink milkshake...but never ask him to share it with you. That just won't happen."

          - Adam